Burnout is a way of telling you that your form of activism was perhaps not very full circle

-Gloria Stienem

What does burn-out mean?

Burn-out is a state of exhaustion found mostly in working individuals. This exhaustion usually
Burn-Outtends to be emotional, mental and physical, caused by the reaction to chronic stress. This condition makes a working person feel demotivated, depressed, and overwhelmed. Due to these conditions the person loses interest in performing daily life task, starts developing excessive exhaustion, and lacks energy.

The person starts disliking the time spent at their workplace which, results in less productivity.Chronic stress that arises due to a person’s job is one of most effective factors that contributes to burn-out, although this chronic stress from their job is playing a vital role in the burn-out, the stress from a person’s overall lifestyle can also be added to this chronic stress.

What is burn-out in executives?

Limeade, an employee experience forum, conducted a survey that indicated that about 72% of the managers feel exhausted due to the chronic stress from their workplace and, 59% claim that they have no energy left to work, during the pandemic. The stress the managers get while managing the burned out employees also adds to the overall chronic stress. Limeade also suggested that 84% of managers feel like they are the ones responsible for the high burn-out rates within their workplace.

Not only generalized stress and exhaustion, but even burn-out reaches executive and managerial levels. Although burn out is a disorder that can vary to different extents in different people but, burn-out has characteristics that help in its identification and hence, elimination.

Signs that indicate you are burning out:

Burn Out Sign

Exhaustion: It is a feeling of constant tiredness. Employees, managers and executives, do not have the energy to work due to the exhaustion.

Frustration: This makes a person feel like their work does not matter anymore. They become pessimistic and start feeling worthless.

Lack of motivation: Leaving for workplace gets difficult when you are burning out. A person does not feel enthusiastic anymore about the things they used to enjoy in their workplace.

Cognitive Problems: Burn-out causes a decrement in the ability of a person to concentrate. Due to the building chronic stress, the person tends to look at the negative aspects that are perceived as a threat.

Interpersonal problems: A person burning out occasionally starts having conflicts within the family as well as at the workplace. Exhaustion and chronic stress, leads to the person getting into arguments, not taking part in conversations and zoning out becomes the new normal.

How to cope up with burn-out as an Executive:

Burnout As ExecutiveWhen looking for ways to cut burn-out, you must take a break from your workplace which will help you in your fight against fatigue, and help you get energized throughout the day. The first step would be to point out the problem and address it to the top executives at your workplace.

Doing this will not only help you but, also the employees of the workplace on how to advocate a change. After this, to decrease the chronic stress and exhaustion, you must look at your working and sleeping habits, you should look out for some Me time. This Me time will help you sort out your home and work life. When you have your home life in check you will be equipped with new found enthusiasm.

Burn-out is a workplace phenomenon but it can also wreak havoc in your personal life. It is not something that just happens to you, the factors contributing to a burn-out should be observed and taken care of. It is very important for you to achieve goals and do the best for your workplace, and you cannot do that with an empty-mind and a tired soul.

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