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Client 0050 came to New Life Marbella with the main objective of wanting to control his alcohol intake and to stop going binge drinking, which was not only ruining his health and putting his life in danger but also started to affect his relationship with his wife and his daughters, as well as the success of his business.

0050 has very high expectations of himself and the people around him, and, as such, had very high expectations of this treatment. By the end of the four weeks, based on the blood results and his overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, the outcome has exceeded even his high expectations.

Since 0050 didn’t want to stop drinking completely, a therapy was put into place where the most important goal was to teach him to relax and achieve an optimum state of being so that he doesn’t have to use alcohol to achieve it, as he was used to. He needed to change his programmed, conditioned, habitual response to stress, overthinking, overanalyzing, and just trying to be perfect all the time – which in the past was achieved by excessive consumption of alcohol.

A combination of regular Neurofeedback sessions, weekly oxygen therapy, regular Mindset and Emotional Mastery therapy, physical therapy, yoga, massages, chiropractor visits, as well as an optimized diet based on his diagnosis, delivered by the New Life Marbella team, all lead to the success of this program and his overall satisfaction.

Based on the outcome of the four weeks of executive burnout treatment, the main goal was achieved. (Please see further reports of the practitioners below). The real test, of course, comes when he returns to his habitual environment. I will emphasise again, that to sustain his success, supervision and support is very important. Hence, the after-care program.

New Life Marbella Ivan Duran Miguel Chef

New Life Marbella Ivan Duran Miguel Chef, one of the best chefs in southern Europe.

In concussion, as his wife has observed when she saw him for the first time after four weeks apart, 0050 is an upgrade to when he started the program. His blood results showed an almost miraculous improvement (see below), he started to communicate and to handle himself and his emotions noticeably better, he has been controlling his alcohol intake easily so far, and he left the clinic happy, optimistic, and very satisfied.

Below is a summary from the Recovery Manager, Mindset and Emotional Mastery therapist, Functional Medicine doctor, Neurofeedback Technician, Art Therapist and Managing Director. Contact the Team Now!


The client arrived drained physically and mentally although he is the person who will never show that he is struggling or having any issues in some cases it’s good to have that state of mind, people get tired of being always on top of everything and it is important to admit that sometimes it is ok to fail, to be weak or do not be perfect on something and open up with somebody about the issues in life.

With some time, he became much more relaxed and put his guard down at some points and that was always followed by very good, deep conversations. The program was set up brilliantly it was perfect for this client, and he got into it very well and enjoyed all of it. The practitioners were very good at what they do and with great personalities, the food was amazing, the apartment, grounds etc. and because the aesthetics were very important for this client the whole module of the program was exceptional.

New Life Marbella Recovery Manager

New Life Marbella Recovery Manager, Deimantas Adomenas, speaks fluent English, Russian and Lithuanian.

The client came with his own medicine Quetiapine 100mg/at night and some other sleeping pills, but his sleep was very poor and for a few days he could not get out of bed in the morning to do the morning routine (swimming and exercise in the pool). After some time, discussions and supplements from New Life Marbella, the client stopped using his sleeping pills and started to lower the Quetiapine and he managed to lower it down to 25mg/at night and that alone is amazing, and he is willing to quit the medicine for good in time. His sleep improved dramatically he started to look much better in the mornings, much better mood and motivation to follow quite a busy schedule.

His stress reaction was always exaggerated and he was very quick to react to bad situations or if something wasn’t going according to his plan, but sessions with the New Life Marbella team and especially neurofeedback did the magic because towards the end he learned to deal with in a much better way. I started to hear words like sorry and thank you in his vocabulary that wasn’t at all at the beginning of the treatment. He had quite a few stressful situations in his business and his personal life, and he dealt exceptionally well.

The meal with his wife was a good move in my opinion and it gave great results, his wife noticed a huge difference in him, and she was very happy, they had a great time, a long dinner with lots of food, very little vine and as they mentioned themselves, amazing conversations. The client said that he didn’t feel the need to have more alcohol and he was happy about it.

So, all in all, amazing work from the team at New Life Marbella, everyone put an amazing input into the client’s new routine and trust he will be keeping it up. Few difficult situations, dealt with professionally and to a high standard.

It was a pleasure and honour to work with this great team, all the best and bless you all.


Based on the initial assessment, the objectives of our therapy, as identified by XXXXXX, were as follows:

  • Regulate (learn to control) the intake of alcohol
  • Learn to relax without harming his body
  • Optimize the workload
  • To not be so demanding on himself and others
  • Listen to other people more
  • Improve his relationship with his wife
  • To be satisfied with himself

At the final review of the therapy with 0050, according to him, all of the above objectives were achieved. 

During the four weeks of therapy, we first clarified what success means to him, his overall purpose in life, his top core values, and his long-term vision. We then broke down his vision into top 5 goals, which were then broken down further into specific 21 action steps each. After that, action steps from each goal were chosen for the month of August and he will continue to pick steps for the months to come. This has given him a very clear map of where to go and how to get there.

The second part of the therapy was Emotional Mastery, where we discussed in-depth and put into action 6 Laws of Emotional Mastery. We also dedicated a lot of time to communication techniques, and, of course, his main goal of the therapy – how to control alcohol.

I must say, 0050 was very open, patient, and receptive to the information that was shared with him. He did not resist some of the practices that he has not done before, such as doing affirmations, EFT, and hypnosis. Besides doing a few hypnosis sessions with him “live”, I also made a recording of his long-term vision as hypnosis, with which he went to sleep every night for the last 2 weeks. This particular hypnosis was created to reprogram his mind to remain in control of alcohol (instead of the other way around as it was when he started).

What I also really appreciated about 0050 is that he started to implement what he was learning immediately in his personal life as well as his business. The fact that he was achieving good results as he was doing it, gave him motivation and encouragement to continue and to want to learn more.

When someone is willing to change and is brave enough to take action, miracles happen. Meet the Team!

The big test came on the day before last, when he got pretty bad news regarding his business, had a disagreement with his wife, and was going out for the first time to have a drink, without the supervision of his RM. Based on what I learned about him during our 4 weeks, I had no doubts that he would be perfectly fine. First, because he now had very good tools, and second, because of his desire to succeed and prove to himself (and others) that he is capable to stay in control if he wants to.

The combination of these two factors will also play a major role in sustaining the successful outcome of this treatment, together with him continuing to work with me or Recovery Manager – people he has learned to trust, who can make sure he stays in the same mental and physical space as when he finished his treatment. Overall, a very successful outcome of the therapy and I am very proud of 0050 for his ability to achieve such good results in such a short time!

New Life Marbella Lead Psychologist

New Life Marbella Lead Psychologist, trained in the USA, is one of the most respected bi-lingual psychologists in Spain.


Functional medicine testing gets to the basis of your biochemistry. Such an important subject demands careful measures for revealing and interpreting the quality of your current and health and your future desired health goals Our system has set new standards, not only in the development of our questionnaire panels but also in the education of those using the various blood and DNA and Bioalign tests.

We also use your test results to do further analysis of both your short and long term health perspective to create more effective wellbeing.

Ideally, we would recommend regular BioAlign Energy Medicine Assessments to complement this highly comprehensive testing formula.

The impact of diet, lifestyle, exercise, and environment on your lifestyle your health and your genetic makeup should not be underestimated. Knowledge of how your health and genes are influenced by external factors enables the development of personalised health programs not only in supporting the chronically ill patient to improve health but also for someone at peak fitness levels to gain the most from their training programs.

We believe that functional medicine testing should always be considered in the context of a broader medical examination; and as such this report encompasses functional medicine, nutritional medicine and inflammatory medicine.

New Life Marbella Medical Director

Dr Manolo Galache GP and Clinical Director

New Life Marbella Contact
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