Our bodies have in-nate regenerative capabilities. All we do is help the body redirect stem cell resources where they are needed most.

-Dr Matthew Otten


What are Stem cells, Stem cell therapy, and their function in our body?

Blood stem cells are the most essential part of the body, they are produced in the bone marrow and can play the role of different blood cells where needed. They are constantly replacing old and worn-out blood cells within the body, and on a daily basis, stem cells produce about billions of new blood cells. Given the fact that if and when the blood cells stop working, the damages might be serious, there needs to be a constant supply of these cells.

How are stem cells used as a natural healing mechanism?

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Stem cells are often used as a natural healing mechanism because the Stem cell transplantation (SCT) involves the transplantation of new and healthy stem cells in order to replace the damaged and worn-out cells of the body.
This natural healing mechanism has provided a long lasting relief to the infected patients. This treatment has also helped individuals to repair tissue injuries coming from spots and other curricular activities.
In order to take a good start to the Stem cells transplant, certain chemotherapies are conducted to kill any underlying cancer cells along with any old stem cells in your bone marrow; this treatment of cancer cells is known as conditioning. After this, healthy stem cells are harvested from your bone marrow and injected into your bloodstream. This transplant can take place anywhere where you are comfortable and can heal fast naturally. This transplant is like a transfusion, no surgery is conducted throughout the process. After being injected, Stem cells travel to the targeted area where they grow into new and healthy blood cells namely RBCs, WBCs and platelets.
This transplant of blood cells, needs at least a week heal and, during this week extra care and protection is required from any type of diseases and bleeding.
Although Stem cell transplant is highly suggested and helps in healing the body naturally but, a number of studies are needed to give an accurate success rate of this natural healing mechanism.

How is Stem cells Therapy different from surgical procedures and traditional transplants?

Stem cell Therapy does not work like an organ transplant where an entire organ is donated to the person who is in need of that particular organ. The treatment has very less chances of body rejection and risk since the stem cells are only transmitted to those areas which are affected severely. This helps the body to enable its natural therapeutic capacity to create new blood cells where the stem cells have been transplanted thus known as natural healing mechanism.

Aftermath and result of the transplant

Post-treatment, it take the stems cells about a year to properly start functioning and creating new cells in the infected area. This, however, does not mean that the benefits of the transplant will only be evident after a year. It has been recorded that some patients start to feel the benefits of this therapy in a week time. After the treatment, recipients can take the therapies and medicines prescribed by their doctors.

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Is the stem cell therapy the best option for you?

Although the transplant has a high success rate but that does not mean that it can be performed on every patient requiring transplants. This means, that people with active tumors are the worst ones to have such transplants on, giving that it may alter their conditions. If you suffer from severe injuries and are looking for long term relief then Stem cell transplant might be the best option for you but before making this decision, consultation from your physician is important.

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