It is more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic system and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill.

-Mark Hyman

What does the term Functional medicine

Functional medicine Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the approach that focuses solely on the optimal function of the body, and it does so by finding the root cause of the disease taking place inside the human body. Most approaches of functional medicine are done on the patients mainly enduring chronic diseases which usually compromise of stress and depression. Once the disease has been identified along with the root cause, your doctor provides you with an effective care plan that can manage your chronic disease. The main goal of functional medicine is to achieve back the body’s best order and function. Some of the many examples of functional medicine include yoga, massages, and body movement therapies for chronic disease management and the health care of an individual.

In other words, functional medicine is the action by which patients are educated about their own body and its processes through which the patient can live a healthier life and make them optimally function again.

How does the whole process of functional Medicine take place?

process of functional Medicine Functional Medicine
Doctors specialising in functional medicine help in providing the answer to the question ‘Why am I ill?’ They tend to thoroughly look over all the details provided by the patient and examine them to gather the patient’s medical history. This medical history is one of the main keys to identifying the root cause(s) of the illness and the triggering factors which commonly include stress, poor

Following this procedure, a customised healthy living plan is then created for the patient which addresses various aspects of your life such as your physical needs like exercise, nutrition, and sleep to emotional stressors triggered by the environments of work, social, and community life.The most important foundation of functional medicine is the food you consume and the physical activities you perform. A lifestyle combined with the right nutrition is the answer to all your diseases instead of traditional medicines.

Discussing the significance of the Functional Medicine:

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Currently, functional medicine is a relatively new practice that has gained significance in a short period of time, among the patients facing chronic diseases. Functional medicine is the choice of many because of its natural approach rather to treating diseases with traditional medicines which have helped a number of people manage their lifestyle in a more organised manner since the patients are provided with the best health care plans, personalized to cater all their disorders. Underlying causes are identified by functional medicine and practitioners apply the options which suit the patient and their lifestyle.

Why Functional Medicine is required?

In the current times, a number of chronic diseases are being drastically experienced in society. While these diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, ADHD, and mental illness, are permanent, functional medicine can control the symptoms and provide relief to the patients.

Wherever possible, functional medicine uses natural supplements to treat abnormalities in organs and the rest of the body. While traditional medicine is used when necessary, functional medicine aims to solve health problems through natural means, by following the root cause of the disease.

Functional medicine is more of a healing process than a treatment, which helps the patient cure naturally and with the help of one’s own body. Instead of constantly trimming the leaves of their symptoms, patients require an approach that embraces recovery by treating the core source of their problem, this is where functional medicine comes in.

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