Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead

Thomas Aquinas

Helping Others Charity Work why are they so important?

I was told by my grandmother that I should try to help one person a day and not tell anyone about it. To be honest I am not that successful.

To put people before my wellbeing is a real skill set. However, 2021 has placed us all in a position that no one would have suspected in Dec 2019. Are we at war? It feels that way sometimes. New Life Marbella encourages all clients to involve themselves in helping other people. During Covid, we are seeing normal middle-class families struggling to put food on the table. I have been involved with a group of individual in San Pedro called Collective Calling. The group of people are making food packages for the families that are struggling. It is a good thing to do. The Mijas City Council provides the food to the Red Cross, which is in charge of the distribution. The Red Cross is in Las Lagunas, c / Rio Barbate, 2. Tel. 952 66 46 46. It is possible to call them and offer your services if you so wish. I make a great soup. It is easy to make and even easier to distribute. Meet the team! Charity1 Charity When I help someone, whether it is via the food banks or someone in recovery, I place their wellbeing before my own. I am naturally selfish. And it feels good to take the focus from myself and on to someone who might be in a less fortunate position. We live in a world of mobile phones, selfies and narcissism. I am no stranger to how modern technology has taken over my own life. I notice families eating out at the local ‘churringito’ and all the family members have their noses firmly planted into their screens. Even mum and dad. charity 4 Charity The truth is I feel naked without my mobile phone. If I lose the device it is a real pain in the backside to get things back up and running again. I communicate every day via phone, voice, text or email. I bank, trade, buy and sell via mobile. It is incredible how pervasive the device has become. There are times when I leave my phone at home. As an example, if I go to the boxing club I might leave the phone at home. Or. If I climb the mountain with the phone. My ego wants to take a photograph and tell the world via, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, that I have climbed the mountain and the sun is rising and I am one with nature.

But why? Why do I need to tell you anything about my life? Is my life really that important? Clearly not. Contact us now!

So what is the antidote? Helping others. Being part of charity work. Offering my time and my skill set with no motive. 


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