New Life Marbella Accelerated Detox Programme

New Life Marbella Accelerated Detox Marbella provides alternative forms of Detox to specific clients. Iboga and Ibogaine treatment can provide an accelerated detox from opiates and/or alcohol/drug dependencies. Ibogaine also helps with stress, trauma, and mental health. 

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a derivative of Iboga which is the root bark of a shrub that is found in the forests of Gabon and its neighboring countries, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and DRC in Africa. There, it is used by the people native to the region in religious ceremonies, they ingest huge quantities of the root bark and daily microdosing. Here in Western Culture, the rootbark is ground up and the alkaloids are extracted to TA (total alkaloids) PTA (pure total alkaloids), or Ibogaine.

Luxury Accelerated Detox Marbella

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How does Ibogaine help?

Iboga treatments have been shown to help chronic depression, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorders and have been very effective in addiction treatments of all natures. However. it is necessary to complement Ibogaine treatment with a primary and secondary care program, to sustain the benefits felt immediately after the Iboga treatment schedule. 

Can Ibogaine help me with Methadone addiction?

Ibogaine allows addiction interruption from Methadone, Suboxone, OxyContin, OxyCodone, other synthetic opiates, heroin, cocaine, crack, and alcohol addiction withdrawal is reduced by 70-100%, it then converts to Nor-Ibogaine in the liver and is stored by the body as extra support in the weeks after. Not all opiates are the same, there are specific protocols for stopping long-acting opiates, and many require preparation. Please seek advice from our team before moving forward.

What do I need to before entering Luxury Accelerated Detox Marbella?

Before an accelerated ibogaine detox the client will need an assessment both medical and psychological. The team will provide guidelines to ensure safety during this initial period. A client will need support from family and friends during this period. The treatment works best with individuals who are self-motivated and pushed by a family to stop the destructive behaviors. We can discuss the pros and cons of any interested in this trip of an accelerated program. 

What can I expect after Luxury Accelerated Detox Marbella?

Ibogaine treatment changes life quickly and dramatically. This experience is not for everyone and needs careful consideration before entering into this type of program. Many people benefit strongly from micro-dosing Iboga root bark for a period after treatment as well.

Luxury Accelerated Detox Marbella

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What does Ibogaine do to the brain?

Ibogaine has been shown to interrupt addictions to Heroin, Methadone, and Prescription Opiates. It restores the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin to the brain and stores them in the liver as nor ibogaine which offers further protection from relapse.

Can Ibogaine help with Alcohol, Drugs, and Depression?

Ibogaine has been used successfully to treat Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Nicotine addictions as it resets the dopamine uptake pathways and craving centers in the brain.

Does Ibogaine help with past trauma?

It helps you work through past trauma, events that lead to addictive behaviors and so has been used to treat other disorders such as Depression, Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Compulsiveness, Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia, and OCD.

If you are interested in hearing a first-hand experience please contact the team using this link.

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