Recovery Is An Acceptance That Your Life Is In Shambles And You Have To Change

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Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab Marbella

New Life Marbella Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab Marbella provides holistic eating disorder treatment programs carefully designed to help you nurture a healthy and sustainable relationship with food. At our eating disorder rehabilitation located in southern Spain, you’ll find everything you need to overcome your eating disorder, including world-class facilities, highly experienced clinicians, and all the luxury amenities you would expect to find in a five-star resort.

Using a combination of behavioral therapy, substitution therapy, nutrition education, and proven wellness practices, our team of eating disorder rehab experts will guide you through a bespoke eating disorder treatment plan.

Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab Marbella

Eating disorder rehabilitation is challenging, but we want to reassure you that it is possible. At New Life Marbella Luxury eating disorder rehab, we know the person can make great changes, and we’re here to do everything we can to make their recovery a safe and comfortable experience from beginning to end. Unlike most traditional rehab facilities, we have a lot of fun during the process.

What are the Facilities Like at New Life Marbella Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab?

Your physical surroundings can significantly impact the recovery process, which is exactly why we’ve created a peaceful environment for our eating disorder rehab that encourages change. The client can choose to stay on the beach front line or deep in the mountains. Andalusia provides lots of activities to supplement a care-plan built upon clinical and therapeutic experience, which can only be found at New Life Marbella.

In addition to providing state of the art healthcare facilities, we also offer private luxury accommodation and a full range of modern amenities, including direct access to the beach, swimming pool, multiple gym options, wellness spa, wilderness program, trekking, bicycle tours around major European cities and much more.

We only work with one person at a time. We never throw New Life Marbella clients into confrontational group therapy unless this technique has been previously agreed upon with the person and their family

What Can I Expect from the Treatment Plan at New Life Marbella Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab?

Stage one. Create a safe environment by removing the ability to engage in negative impulses – purging, binge eating, obsessive weight checking, etc. – we provide people with the freedom to undo deeply ingrained behavioral patterns and learn new, healthier ways of living.

Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab Marbella

you can beat this with the correct help

What is an Eating Disorder and Understanding The Causes?

Our Luxury eating disorder rehab center in Marbella offers a full suite of services to help a person heal from the inside out. Based on your initial psycho-social assessment results, our treatment team will formulate a recovery plan to help a person overcome an eating disorder and accomplish unique treatment goals.

Addressing the physical aspect of your disorder is critical for your long-term health. Our highly experienced eating disorder rehab staff will identify, treat, and monitor any physical complications that may have arisen from your eating disorder and provide you with appropriate medication as required.

Luxury Eating Disorder Rehab Marbella
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New Life Marbella provides inpatient therapy sessions. Our highly qualified EMDR therapists will work with you to dissect the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that contribute to your eating disorder. We will help a person understand the trauma triggering compulsive behavior.

New Life Marbella Luxury Rehab will help the person identify and normalize destructive eating patterns, achieving a healthy weight, and exchange unhealthy habits for healthy and sustainable alternatives. Substitution therapy.

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