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It is a proven fact that when you feel better you are more productive and have more energy. No matter what the situation, you deserve your time!

Don’t let fear stop you from pampering yourself. You can afford to be good to yourself, more importantly, you can’t afford to loYou deserve the best!

It’s a necessity just like a healthy diet, exercise and vitamins. From the ridiculous to the sublime, the things that we do to make ourselves feel better to show on the inside and the outside.

New Life Marbella provides a bespoke Executive Burnout Programme designed for you, designed by you.


What’s Included:

  • Find the PERFECT VENUE for your executive office offsite.
  • All logistics, planning, transportation and itinerary scheduling.
  • Expertise from over 20 professional team members, medical, clinical, physical and therapeutic.
  • The most streamlined approach to match your Vision, Goals and Budget.

New Life

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Let Us Plan With You Your Weekly Schedule

The Team at New Life Marbella will provide you with a series of options regarding various treatments during your stay and you decide the options to integrate into your weekly schedule. We are here to help you.

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“After working for the leading clinics in the world, I feel privileged to be associated with one of the worlds most forwarded thinking teams. New Life Marbella thinks outside the box. Expect the unexpected.”

Adam Freeman, Client Director

clinical analysis Supplementation and food

New Life Marbella Growth Programme

Week 1 in your luxury bespoke clinic, blood samples are taken by the Clinical Team, (laboratory, wet and dry). Our team completes a Vega test, alongside a food intolerance test.

The results provide New Life Marbella parameters to develop a food plan and therapeutic schedule. Aligned with clear objectives set out by you (the client) upon arrival at New Life Marbella.

We expect most clients to arrive with an acidic presentation. New Life Marbella will provide a care plan to move you (the client) towards a long term alkaline solution.

You (the client) explain to the team what you need to achieve, and the New Life Marbella team provides the data to substantiate what can be realistically achieved within the agreed time frame.

We are here for you! Let us show you how the magic works.


A Little YOU Time

Escape to New Life Marbella, Executive Burnout Clinic. With a majestic landscape overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, our bespoke clinic is an artistic and culinary masterpiece showcasing the essence of Málaga. 

Designed for clients 18 years and older, our unique private clinic near Málaga City Center is 15 minutes from Málaga Airport, near beaches, and attractions. 

New Life Marbella offers a variety of classes, sports courts, and fitness trainers with an indoor pool, clinicians, and therapists. 

New Life Marbella offers several meeting areas and restaurants, as well as a professional event team, extensive catering options, and state-of-the-art technology.

Mindlfulness, meditation and Yoga

Mindfulness has always been an essential aspect of the physical practice of yoga. Therefore mindful yoga is considered to be a form of meditation, and/or it is very often practiced before formal meditation sitting. Another characteristic of this type of yoga is its emphasis on observing rather than reacting.

Daily Massage, Spa and Personal Training

New Life Marbella works in conjunction with the Nagomi Spa, a world of relaxation. Enjoy daily access to the spa circuit, health and wellness, and soothing massages, tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy the jacuzzi, waterfalls, sauna, Turkish bath, indoor heated pool, salon services and solarium, all work to soothe and rejuvenate. Alongside, personal training, working from the core to high-intensity training. 

Private Concierge and clinic

New Life Marbella provides a personal executive assistant and personal bio chef. Developing a relationship between a patient and a primary care clinical team is pivotal to attain the highest standard for each client. Personal one to one process allows the team to provide enhanced care, ensuring adequate time and availability for each patient.

The practice has been referred to as concierge medicine, retainer medicine, membership medicine, and direct care. 

therapuetic and CLinical Team

The therapeutic and clinical care team for a given patient consists of health professionals—physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, clinical pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals—with the training and skills needed to provide high-quality, coordinated care specific to the patient’s clinical needs and circumstances.

This team-based model requires a new way of thinking about clinical responsibilities and leadership, one that recognizes that different clinicians will assume principal responsibilities for specific elements of a patient’s care as the patient’s needs change; and while the team as a whole must ensure that all elements of care are coordinated for the patient’s benefit.

Executive Coaching and Personal Assistant

New Life Marbella provides a specific team to optimise the executive experience. A four-week programme outlines the best opportunity costs for each client. The New Life Marbella executive assistant will drive the client to and from specific meetings either in person or online. The programme offered can be extended post clinic exit via the aftercare plan.

Coaching for executive provides specific, on-point assessment and training, solving issues, opening channels of communicating, and increasing productivity. Coaching for executives yields results in day-to-day operations. It bonds executives into powerhouses of business.

adventure and activities

Skydiving. Ziplining. Exotic Car Driving. Go-Karting. Rafting. Bungy Jumping. Abseiling. Caving. Sea Swimming. Wake Boarding. Rock Climbing. Paragliding. Hand Gliding. Parasailing. Sailing. ATV Driving. Mountain Biking. Wilderness Programme. Skiing and Snowboarding. Hiking. Deep Sea Fishing. Surfing. Kite Surfing.

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David and the team at New Life are truly experts at planning executive retreats. From the first phone call, they helped us find the perfect private clinic and then plan out the entire experience. They went above and beyond for all of our last-minute changes and we didn’t expect their level of expertise!”

– Norwood Computing | CFO

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New Life

Av. de las Cumbres, s/n, Edf. Elviria Business Centre, Local B3, 29604 Marbella, Málaga

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