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What is Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella?

Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella (MI) is an evidence-based approach to behavior change. However, definitions of MI vary widely.Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella

What is Motivational Interviewing?                      

“MI is a collaborative, goal-oriented style of communication with particular attention to the language of change. Designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring a client’s reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.” (Miller & Rollnick, 2013, p. 29)

Key qualities of Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella include:

  • MI is a guiding communication style that sits between following (good listening) and directing (giving information and advice).
  • MI empowers people to change by drawing out their meaning, importance, and change capacity.
  • MI is a respectful and curious way of being with people that facilitate the natural process of change and honors client autonomy.

It is important to note that MI requires the recovery manager to engage with the client as an equal partner and refrain from unsolicited advice, confronting, instructing, directing, or warning.

It is not a way to “get people to change” or a set of techniques to impose on the conversation. MI takes time, practice and requires self-awareness and discipline from the clinician.

While the principles and skills of MI are useful in a wide range of conversations, MI is beneficial to help people examine their situation and options when any of the following are present:

  • Ambivalence is high, and people are stuck in mixed feelings about the change needed.
  • Confidence is low, and people doubt their abilities to change.
  • Desire is low, and people are uncertain about whether they want to make a change.
  • The importance is low, and the benefits of change and disadvantages of the current situation are unclear.

Core elements of Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella

  • MI is practiced with an underlying spirit or way of being with people:
    • Partnership. MI is a collaborative process. The MI recovery manager is an expert in helping people change; people are the experts of their own lives.
    • Evocation. People have within themselves the resources and skills needed for change. MI draws out the person’s priorities, values, and wisdom to explore reasons for change and support success.
    • Acceptance. The MI recovery manager takes a nonjudgmental stance, seeks to understand the person’s perspectives and experiences, expresses empathy, highlights strengths, and respects a person’s right to make informed choices about changing or not changing.
    • Compassion. The MI recovery manager actively promotes and prioritizes clients’ welfare and wellbeing in a selfless manner.Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella
  • MI has core skills of OARS, attending to the language of change and the artful exchange of information:
    • Open questions draw out and explore the person’s experiences, perspectives, and ideas. Evocative questions guide the client to reflect on how change may be meaningful or possible.
    • Information is provided within a structure of open questions (Elicit-Provide-Elicit) that first explores what the person already knows, seeks permission to offer what the practitioner knows, and then explores the person’s response.
    • Affirmation of strengths, efforts, and past successes helps build the person’s hope and confidence in changing.
    • Reflections are based on careful listening and trying to understand what the person is saying by repeating, rephrasing, or offering a more in-depth guess about what the person is trying to communicate.
    • Summarizing ensures shared understanding and reinforces critical points made by the client.
    • Attending to the change language identifies what is being said against change (sustain talk) and in favor of evolution (change talk) and, where appropriate, encouraging a movement away from sustain talk toward change talk.
    • Exchange of information respects that both the clinician and client have expertise. Sharing information is considered a two-way street and needs to be responsive to what the client is saying.
  • MI has four fundamental processes. These processes describe the “flow” of the conversation, although we may move back and forth among methods as needed:Luxury Motivational Interviewing Marbella
    • Engaging: This is the foundation of MI. The goal is to establish a productive working relationship through careful listening to understand and accurately reflect the person’s experience and perspective while affirming strengths and supporting autonomy.
    • Focusing: In this process, an agenda is formed that draws on both the client and recovery manager expertise to agree on a shared purpose, which gives the clinician permission to move into a directional conversation about change.
    • Evoking: In this process, the clinician gently explores and helps the person build their own “why” of change by eliciting the client’s ideas and motivations. Ambivalence is normalized, investigated without judgment, and, as a result, may be resolved. This process requires skillful attention to the person’s talk about change.
    • Planning: Planning explores the “how” of change where the MI practitioner supports the person to consolidate commitment to change and develop a plan based on the person’s insights and expertise. This process is optional and may not be required, but the client’s timing and readiness for planning are essential.
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