“Intellectual abilities and emotional resources can be considerably enhanced with neurofeedback training.” 

Siegfried Othmer Ph.D.

Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy Summary

Neurofeedback is biofeedback or a bio-hack. The Bio-hack teaches self-control of brain functions to subjects by measuring brain waves and providing a feedback signal.

Neurofeedback provides audio and or video feedback. Positive or negative feedback is produced for desirable or undesirable brain activities, respectively. The New Life Technician monitors the brain response and provides the necessary support for the best results.

We recommend Neurofeedback to treat the following: 

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Epilepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Drug addiction
  • Schizophrenia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia
  • Autistic spectrum disorders. 

We also suggest Neurofeedback help with pain management and the improvement of musical and athletic performance. Please contact us for immediate support.Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy

There are various neurofeedback treatment protocols, i.e., alpha, beta, alpha/theta, delta, gamma, and theta, needed for diagnosis and treatment goals.

To date, many studies have shown that neurofeedback therapy is an effective, non-invasive, very efficient complementary treatment for many brain dysfunctions. Contact the New Life Marbella Team for further information. 

What is Neurofeedback? 

Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. Neurofeedback is a gradual learning process while the technician observes the brain in real-time. We reward the brain for changing its activity to more appropriate patterns. It applies to any aspect of brain function that we can measure. 

Neurofeedback is EEG Biofeedback, based on electrical brain activity, the electroencephalogram, or EEG. 

Neurofeedback trains self-regulation. Biofeedback is applied directly to the brain. Self-regulation is a necessary part of useful brain function. Self-regulation training allows the system (the central nervous system) to function better. 

Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain dysregulation. These happen to be numerous. They include the anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS, and emotional disturbances. It is also useful for organic brain conditions such as seizures, the autism spectrum, and cerebral palsy. 

How Does Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy Work? 

We apply electrodes to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. We process the signal by computer, and we extract information about specific critical brainwave frequencies. (All brainwave frequencies are equal, but some are more than others) We show the ebb and flow of this activity back to the person who attempts to change the activity level. 

Some frequencies we wish to promote. Others we want to diminish. We present this information to the person in the form of a video game. The person is effectively playing the video game with his or her brain. 

Eventually, the brainwave activity is “shaped” toward more desirable, more regulated performance. The frequencies we target, and the specific locations on the scalp where we listen in on the brain, are specific to the conditions we are trying to address and specific to the individual. 

Who Provides Neurofeedback? 

At New Life Marbella, Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) is provided by our technician and supported by our EMDR psychologist, family therapist, and counselor. Neurofeedback Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy

Is Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy a Cure? 

In the case of organic brain disorders, it can only be a matter of getting the brain to function better rather than curing the condition. When it comes to dysregulation problems, we would say that there is no disease to be healed. Where dysregulation is the problem, self-regulation may very well be the remedy. But again, the word “cure” would not apply. 

What Conditions Can Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy Help? 

We are primarily concerned with the more “intractable” brain-based childhood problems. The conditions include, Seizures and sub-clinical seizure activity, Severely disruptive behavior disorders such as Conduct Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, Autistic spectrum and pervasive developmental delay, Cerebral palsy, Acquired brain injury, Birth trauma. 

Many children have sleep problems, such as bedwetting, sleepwalking, sleep talking, teeth grinding, nightmares, night terrors. 

We can also be helpful with many of the problems of adolescence, including drug abuse, suicidal ideation, anxiety, and depression. 

We can also help to maintain useful brain function as people get older. Almost any brain, regardless of its level of the process, can be trained to function better. 


While medication and behavioral interventions can do a good job treating the symptoms of children with ADD or ADHD, Neurofeedback retrains the brain to regain better control and focus. This method is about building up the person, focused on the qualities they possess. 

Anxiety is a typical stress response, and sufferers often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and tired. Neurofeedback can help your brain change how it responds to stimuli that disturb our physical or mental equilibrium. 

Concentration, focus, and emotional control are vital to achieving optimal performance in all fields. Athletes and business executives are taking advantage of neurofeedback technologies to learn how to utilize their minds’ full potential to reach their peak. NFB1 Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy

NASA uses Neurofeedback 

Alan Pope, a scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center, discovered how Neurofeedback could improve pilot’s attention and engagement to tasks. Dr. Pope’s goal was to calculate what degree of automation on flight decks was most beneficial to pilots. 

When a pilot’s systems are automated, this tends to disengage the user. “Our purpose was to figure out when automation goes too far, based on brainwave activity,” stated Dr. Pope. He discovered how to do this by using a physiologically-adaptive simulator system developed in NASA flight deck research. With this system, brainwaves controlled automation in a simulator flight deck, determining what automation level kept pilots engaged best in the flight task. 

Just as Neurofeedback trained the pilot’s brains to remain engaged via operant condition, we can now do the same for your brain for many other mental disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and depression. 

NASA graduate students are using biofeedback to improve concentration skills. The project is based on earlier NASA aeronautics research to enhance pilots’ attentiveness in flight simulators and improve athlete’s muscle memory.


Luxury Neurofeedback Therapy Symptomatic profiles:

Neurofeedback Objectives:
  • Physiological and emotional self-regulation – Psychological Resolution
  • Symptom reduction
  • High overall and sports performance 
  • Attention
  • Engagement to tasks
  • Greater efficacy of drugs
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control
  • Greater well-being and quality of life 
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