Process Addiction Rehab and Behavioural Addiction Marbella

Behavioral Therapy in Marbella

The fact that millions of people throughout the world are addicted to substances is well-known. But what’s less known is that even more individuals suffer from a process addiction, otherwise known as a behavioral addiction. Unfortunately, many people still believe that a substance addiction disorder has less impact on a person’s life than behavioral addiction, but that isn’t the case. If neglected, a process addiction can worsen to the point of harming a person’s finances, relationships, and career. However, any addiction – no matter how challenging it may seem – can be overcome with behavioral addiction rehab.

Whether you’re worried about a potential gambling disorder, internet addiction, eating disorder, or even love addiction, our qualified, compassionate, and highly experienced therapists, psychologists, and counseling specialists can help you – all while making you feel at ease at all times. Call us, and we’ll explain why we’re considered a leading treatment center in Spain.

Luxury Gambling Rehab Marbella

Gaming Addiction REHAB Marbella

Online gaming is becoming a huge issue within families. Gaming has been around for decades, and now we are experiencing the lasting issues around the gaming industry. Children who have grown up with a gaming addiction caused by a disruptive family environment are now learning to live with an adverse effect on mental health and interference with careers and, most importantly, intimate relationships.  At New Life Marbella luxury gaming rehab, we boast the most advanced treatment facilities to help you give up your gaming disorder for good. Located by the coast on the most southern tip of Europe, we offer our clients a tropical retreat in paradise.

Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab Marbella

Luxury Codependency REHAB Marbella

At New Life Marbella, we are often asked by family members the following question, “Are we helping the situation or making things worse?” This is an excellent question. At times the family’s “help” can cause more damage to the person suffering of codependency. All families are codependent at some level, some more than others. New Life Marbella offers comprehensive codependency recovery programs that have been carefully designed to help you build healthier relationships – both with yourself and those around you. During your stay, you’ll learn how to prioritize your feelings and goals and develop the skills necessary to live a fulfilling independent life.

Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab Marbella

Sex Addiction Rehab Marbella

Using a combination of behavioral therapy, sex addiction counseling, substitution therapy, biochemical restoration, and holistic healing practices, our highly experienced sex addiction treatment team will work with you to identify and deconstruct the psychological issues that lie at the root of your addiction. New Life Marbella is a Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab in Marbella  We’re strong believers that your external environment – the home you live in, the people you surround yourself with, and the activities you engage in – plays a key role in sexual addiction. New Life Marbella provides a peaceful and private atmosphere that is conducive to recovery.

Luxury Gaming Rehab Marbella

Internet Addiction Rehab Marbella

Today we are surrounded by devices that are connected to the internet. Have you ever left your phone at home and panicked because you felt you might be missing out on something? Internet and device addiction affect millions of people around the world. Gaming, gambling, pornography, trading all lead to one thing, internet addiction. The issue, although still being researched, is not going anywhere. In fact, it is going to get a lot worse over the coming years as we move towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. At New Life Marbella, we have a dedicated team of qualified counselors and therapists specializing in rehabilitation for internet addiction, Neurofeedback and rTMS.

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