Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab Marbella

Using a combination of behavioral therapy, sex addiction counseling, substitution therapy, biochemical restoration, and holistic healing practices, our highly experienced sex addiction treatment team will work with you to identify and deconstruct the psychological issues that lie at the root of your addiction.


Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab MarbellaNew Life Marbella is a Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab in Marbella

We’re strong believers that your external environment – the home you live in, the people you surround yourself with, and the activities you engage in – plays a key role in sexual addiction. 


New Life Marbella provides a peaceful and private atmosphere that is conducive to recovery. We offer bespoke treatment facilities with wrap around team in a single-occupancy location. With ocean views, either located directly on the beach or in the mountains, our sex addiction treatment center offers all the amenities you would expect to find in a premium resort, including your villa, a refreshing swimming pool, relaxing health spa, diverse meal options and much more.

New Life Marbella sex addiction rehab center is the perfect place to begin your comfort and privacy recovery. In contrast to many other sex addiction treatment centers in Spain, we work with one client at a time. This allows us to maintain a tight-knit community and ensures our treatment team can give you the highest level of care and support throughout your stay at our leading sex addict rehab center.


Why choose an Inpatient Program for Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction can be very resistant to treatment. Many people who attempt to overcome sexual dysfunction personally or through outpatient treatment programs are often unsuccessful as they remain exposed to the same social circles and circumstances that contribute to addiction. As a result, it’s easy for those undergoing outpatient sex addiction rehabilitation to fall back into negative behavioral patterns when they inevitably come face to face with their old triggers.


Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab



Research indicates that inpatient rehab for sex addiction is the most effective way to treat compulsive sexual behavior. New Life Marbella is a residential single-occupant facility. Our sex addiction inpatient treatment program offers a controlled environment that fully isolates you from the stressors and triggers that fuel contribute. Entering an inpatient sex addiction treatment center frees you from daily life distractions, allowing you to focus 100 percent of your energy on the recovery process.


What are the Benefits of Psychotherapy for a Sex Addict?

Unlike substance abuse treatment, which focuses on helping the user permanently avoid harmful substances, the goal of sex addict rehab isn’t total abstinence. Instead, our treatment programs aim to help you nurture a healthier relationship with sex and develop tools for managing compulsive urges in the years ahead.


Luxury Sex Addiction Rehab MarbellaOur rehab sex addiction program utilizes a range of evidence-based methods to achieve this objective, emphasising cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or EMDR and Neurofeedback. The New Life Marbella addiction counsellors will work with you to help you unravel the underlying factors and unresolved trauma that contribute to hypersexuality disorder. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the personal triggers that cause sexual impulses and learn how to exchange unhealthy habits for more constructive alternatives.

The boundary between healthy sex life and sexual dysfunction isn’t always clear. Because sex is a normal, healthy, and pleasurable part of human behavior, it can be difficult for sex addicts to know when to seek professional treatment for sex addiction.


Below are some of the most common signs and symptoms of sex addiction:

  • Inability to resist sexual urges, even when they interfere with daily life.
  • Having an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies.
  • Feelings of guilt and shame after sexual activities.
  • Lying about your behavior or sexual activities.
  • Attempting to reduce sexual behavior but being unable to do so.
  • Your sexual behavior has consistently harmed your relationships.
  • Emotional detachment.
The Best Sex Addiction Treatment Center in Spain

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, you’ve come to the right place. With state-of-the-art sex addiction rehab facilities, luxury accommodation options, and a team of highly qualified addiction experts providing round-the-clock care, New Life Marbella has come to be regarded as one of the best sex addiction treatment centers in Spain.

Contact us today to find out how our sex addiction rehabilitation program can help you regain control.

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