HC Marbella

HC Marbella

Detoxification Partner

Situated at the heart of the Costa del Sol, HC Marbella is an exclusive private hospital of great prestige, with more than 15 years of experience delivering high-quality medical care.
Its setting and facilities lie just 200m from the sea, creating a feeling of peace and well-being;  you will encounter comfort and luxury in their 12 exclusive rooms, 5 consulting rooms perfectly equipped for treatment, an operating theatre with the latest technology, an oncological outpatient facility, 3 individual examination rooms for outpatients, a physiotherapy center, an exclusive reception area and gardens for the comfort and privacy of patients.

Helicopter Sanitarios

Helicopter Sanitarios

Emergency Services

24 Hour Home Doctor and Emergency Service from minor illness to the most serious emergency with clinics in Puerto Banus, Manilva and Fuengriola. The fully equipped ICU mobile and airborne fleet comes to you wherever you may be within their coverage area which expands from Sotogrande to Torremolinos and the surrounding areas. Your wellbeing is just a call away! With the peace of mind of knowing that a doctor is available at just a call away from wherever you are, you can be confident you’ll receive personalised assistance, tailored to your needs, as many times as needed all year round with no limit of assistances.


New Life Marbella Medical Director

Dr Pernille Knudzton


Dr Pernille Knudtzon is one of Europe’s most pioneering medical practitioners. From her base in the south of Spain she has helped countless people overcome serious conditions through the use of powerful natural therapies, backed up with extensive medical knowledge and a lifetime of study of health and wellbeing. Dr Pernille Knudtzon, works from her office at The Budwig Center and remotely from her office in Denmark. She deliver critical blood analysis, both wet and dry samples.

New Life Marbella Lead Psychologist

Esther Perez


Esther Perez, MA, LMFT (CA; LMFT; 48330) obtained an M.A in Counseling Psychology and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, CA. As a bilingual Senior Trainer for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Esther currently teaches across Europe. As a consummate learner-teacher, Esther has committed herself to deeply integrating a number of modalities supported in the emerging research on neuroscience and attachment.

New Life Marbella Detox Director

Dr Beran Parry


Profound knowledge and recognised expertise are the solid operational foundations for Beran Parry Ph.D. Her professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Qualified Advanced Weight Loss Consultant and Certified EFT and Reiki Master Therapist. Beran also practices functional medicine nutrition having initially studied at the Functional Medicine University in South Carolina USA. Beran is a bestselling Amazon author of over 40 nutrition books.

New Life Marbella Medical Director

Dr Jose Moyano


Dr. José Manuel Sánchez Moyano Lea, has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cádiz. He studied psychiatry in England (London and Gloucestershire) for 6 years. In 1999, he started working for the Department of Psychiatry at the Andalusian Health Service, and at the same time started his private practice. He is also a Consultant for the Botafuegos Penitentiary Center, in Algeciras. Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry, he is a member of the team of experts of the Royal Medical College of Cádiz .

New Life Marbella David Carter

David Carter


Mr. David Carter was a singer-songwriter from the South of England. After playing live in the heart of London, Piccadilly, at The Astor and The Warwick, David spent time in Cape Town South Africa. Post South Africa David traveled and settled in Spain to live with his children where he started a revolutionary rehabilitation service. David always thinks out of the box. He does things differently from everyone else. Expect the unexpected.

New Life Marbella Detox Director

Carlos Garcia Banon


Carlos es un experimentado Gerente de Recuperación que se esfuerza por obtener un impacto positivo en la vida de los pacientes. Es Coach de Recuperación e Intervencionista certificado internacionalmente (IC&RC, IRSI, IA…) y además es un firme defensor de la concienciación y el tratamiento en la salud mental. Ha estado trabajando con adictos y alcohólicos durante varios años en coaching de recuperación, intervenciones familiares y acompañamiento en sobriedad. Carlos habla español, inglés y francés con fluidez, y es licenciado en Derecho con un MBA.

New Life Marbella Recovery Manager

Deimantas Adomenas


One of the best Recovery Managers in Europe, he is not only a pleasure to work with but is calm under pressure and very well-liked by the clients. Currently residing in London and running a charity led rehab service for Eastern Europeans in the capital. Diamond has developed his own recovery program and can fit into any team schedule. He drives, can be relied upon to deliver Executive Burnout services. Every client who has worked with Diemantas has requested to hire him privately. He is better than people believe. And a valued member of the team. 

New Life Marbella Ivan Duran Miguel Chef

Ivan Duran Miguel


Ivan started working as a chef by chance, that’s when he discovered his passion for cooking. He owned an Italian restaurant in Vietnam and worked in three gastronomic restaurants of a certain level, Viridiana Restaurant, chef Abraham Garcia Madrid, Domo Restaurant at the NH euro building hotel in Madrid and Luis Salinero’s El Txoko Restaurant in the English court of Puerto Banus in Marbella. He has completed two Spanish cooking certificates at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid haute cuisine school. Comfortable cooking Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

New Life Marbella Fernando Salas

Fernando Sales


Neurofeedback Therapist by EEG Info. Industrial Engineering: I&C,  Project Manager, Audit of preventive-corrective-predictive maintenance Control Systems of Abengoa Water plants (Ghana, Tenés, Skikda, Almería, Chennai, etc …) and Industrial Communications, R + D + i projects CRIBA Project (Remote Control of Abengoa Water facilities) Industrial programmer of automated processes.

New Life Marbella Lead Psychologist

Andy Sawyer


Hello my name is Andy James Sawyer. I want to take you on a journey crossing the void over to the other side of southern Spain. After travelling extensively in mountainous and jungle regions of the world, from the Andes in Peru to the jungles of south east Asia, I still find one of the most captivating regions I’ve lived in and travelled through is the unknown, true side of Andalusia. I could compare beaches in the Costa de la Luz to beaches in Australia, and Andalusian high rocky trails to Apache Native American Indian trails in the Appalachian Mountains. 

New Life Marbella Willy Iraheta

William Iraheta


Willy is a nature-loving person. Since arriving from Toronto (Canada)
-originally from El Salvador- he has been making a living as a tour guide. In the last couple of years, he started to use nature as a source of recovery. With seventeen years of sobriety and the attendance of thousands of meetings, he has found out that sharing while hiking in the bush or around a bond fire has a deeper effect on his recovery. 

Shafiq Guthus

Shafiq Guthus


Shafiq Guthus has been working regulary at a multi-bed facility in Southern Spain for almost a year. He is a certified personal trainer, and works as a sober companion. Shafiq is an excellent private driver when needed. Apart from being a great team member, Shafiq has an understanding of the team dynamic needed to develop a positive outcome for every client he has worked with to date. Shafiq was born in London with Indian heritage. Shafiq is a muslim yet he can coexist with any client from any part of the world. 

New Life Marbella Music Therapy

Erin Davies


Erin has worked in the music industry for 15 years as a producer, songwriter and touring artist as well as working as a production tutor for 10. He specializes in a wide array of music and is based in a full analog recording studio in London.
He has worked with clients such as  MTV, Radio 1, Radio 1xtra, Perfecto Records, Spinnin, records Erased Tapes, NTS, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Global, Island, Universal & Ministry of Sound. Erin works online only, and will need to be booked early.
New Life Marbella UK Location Manager

Amos Dhami


Uk Detox and Rehabilitation Managing Director and Acting Uk Location Director for New Life Marbella. Amos has been in recovery for a number of years and has worked with addicts and alcoholics throughout this period. He not only works in the private sector but also works in the charity sector helping out numerous people who could not have otherwise afforded treatment. He has successfully detoxed a number of clients and worked with clients in a multi bed scenario and bespoke single occupancy.

New Life Marbella Record Label

Chris Townsend


Chris Townsend opened MAP (Music Art Print) many years ago in a warehouse, in North London, Camden Town. Chris’s passion for music and the local community propelled MAP into the area of independent music. Chris works with New Life allowing the client’s with a musical slant to their recovery to record in his north London Protools music studio. If you are interested please contact our team immediately. Chris works from London.

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