Meet Your New Team

Medical Director

Dr. Manolo Galache


Dr. Manolo Galache from the Elviria Medical Centre has over 20 years of experience working with closely with patients to access and resolve a vast array of disorders. He has particular knowledge and interest in the addictions, behavioural and emotional health fields. Dr. Galache is our first port of call if a clinical issue arises. He is well connected to other medics in the area and is able to prescribe and refer on as needed.

Dr. Nikki Scheiner Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nikki Scheiner


Dr. Nikki Scheiner is a consultant psychologist, founder, and clinic director of The Functional Symptoms Recovery Clinic in London’s Harley Street. Dr. Scheiner is an expert in the treatment of functional somatic and neurological disorders (distressing symptoms with lack of organic explanation) as well as having years of experience treating post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and related conditions.

Dr. Javier Ibor Lopez Detox Director

Dr. Javier Lopez Ibor


Dr. Javier Lopez Ibor, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, and forensic psychologist formed by the Universities of Madrid, Paris & Chicago settled in Spain. PRESIDENT of the EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCE OF THE NEUROSCIENCE (ESAN) and Director of the forensic neuroscience Division; Member of the Board Committee of World Association for the History of Psychiatry.

Adam Freeman Recovery Director

Adam Freeman


Following his training and employment in the US, Adam Freeman has been working as a recovery coach, case manager and live-in counsellor for the past 4.5 years. In the past, he served as a personal manager for high-level professional athletes and media personalities. Adam is trained as a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Advanced Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Project Manager. He personally participated in a 12 step recovery plan for 11 years, which allowed him to complete the 12 steps within both the AA and NA programs. Adam’s favourite hobbies include gym, golf and martial arts. Adam is a leading recovery specialist in constant demand.

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William Iraheta


Willy is a nature-loving person. Since arriving from Toronto (Canada)
-originally from El Salvador- he has been making a living as a tour guide. In the last couple of years, he started to use nature as a source of recovery. With seventeen years of sobriety and the attendance of thousands of meetings, he has found out that sharing while hiking in the bush or around a bond fire has a deeper effect on his recovery. When he is not in the middle of the bush, he is usually learning new ways of how to eat healthily and riding his bicycle. Known as a leading expert in working the AA Big Book. Willy is respected within the Malaga region and has transformed his life.

Neurofeedback Technician

Fernando Sales


Neurofeedback Therapist by EEG Info. Industrial Engineering: I&C,  Project Manager, Audit of preventive-corrective-predictive maintenance Control Systems of Abengoa Water plants (Ghana, Tenés, Skikda, Almería, Chennai, etc …) and Industrial Communications, R + D + i projects CRIBA Project (Remote Control of Abengoa Water facilities) Industrial programmer of automated processes (PCS7, Step7, IAS Certificate and Intouch Wonderware, Beckhoff, Omron, Hirschmann, SCADA, Industrial networks), transformation centers and power plants, direction and organization of preventive-corrective-predictive maintenance. Situated off-site.

Shaun Simon Recovery Manager

Masha Malka


Masha Malka has a Master’s degree in Higher Education, a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, training certificates in Accelerated Learning Techniques, NLP, Transformational Thinking, the Science of Wellbeing, and a graduate certificate in Teaching and Training Online. She is the founder of The One Minute Coach system, best-selling author, motivational speaker, university professor, member of the Forbes Coaching Council, entrepreneur, and a mother of 3. Former Soviet refugee, Masha Malka now resides between Miami, FL and Marbella, Spain, living a successful and fulfilling life and helping thousands of her followers around the world do the same.

UK Location Director

Amos Dhami


Uk Detox and Rehabilitation Managing Director and Acting Uk Location Director for New Life Marbella. Amos has been in recovery for a number of years and has worked with addicts and alcoholics throughout this period. He not only works in the private sector but also works in the charity sector helping out numerous people who could not have otherwise afforded treatment. He has successfully detoxed a number of clients and worked with clients in a multi bed scenario and bespoke single occupancy. Living in Birmingham, and with a cultural flavour, Amos is able to communicate with many people. Amos provides after services in the UK.

Maurice Lesley Recovery Coach

Maurice Lesley


Looked through client files to determine their specific issues, such as trauma & substance abuse. Engage the client & his family members in conversation to determine their personalities & challenges. Assessed client to understand the type & extent of therapy & assistance needed. Created & implemented core recovery plans to meet the individual recovery needs of the client. Assessed the plans & continue to provide modifications or assessments where required. Educated family members about possible outcomes & limitations of implemented recovery programs. Devised wellness program to meet the need of my client.

Shaun Simon Recovery Manager

Erin Davies


Erin has worked in the music industry for 15 years as a producer, songwriter and touring artist as well as working as a production tutor for 10. He specializes in a wide array of music and is based in a full analog recording studio in London.
He has worked with clients such as  MTV, Radio 1, Radio 1xtra, Perfecto Records, Spinnin, records Erased Tapes, NTS, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Global, Island, Universal & Ministry of Sound. Erin works online only, and will need to be booked early.
Maurice Lesley Recovery Coach

Chris Townsend


Chris Townsend opened MAP (Music Art Print) many years ago in a warehouse, in North London, Camden Town. Chris’s passion for music and the local community propelled MAP into the area of independent music. Chris works with New Life allowing the client’s with a musical slant to their recovery to record in his north London Protools music studio. If you are interested please contact our team immediately. Chris works from London.

UK Location Director

David Carter


David Patrick Carter was a singer song writer from the South of England. After playing live in the heart of London, Piccadilly, at The Astor and The Warwick, David went to a traditional rehab in Cape Town South Africa. Post South Africa David travelled and settled in Spain to live with his children where he started a revolutionary rehabilitation service. David always thinks out of the box. He does things differently from everyone else. Expect the unexpected.

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