Mental Health Issues We Can Help Solve

Mental Health is a broad term that covers a spectrum of different conditions including depression; anxiety disorders; trauma; burn-out; stress; chronic pain; low self-esteem and many more.

It is normal that a person’s emotional state will fluctuate throughout their lives. Feeling sad, worried and a plethora of other emotions as a result of particular life experience is natural. However, for most people, these emotional states will be temporary. When psychological and emotional wellbeing is negatively impacted for a sustained period of time, this can be an indicator of a more serious, long term mental health condition.

New Life Marbella provides leading, personalized mental health treatment and we are committed to treating the client’s unique circumstances and individual situation. We offer tailored treatment to ensure that each client’s needs are met and treated by the correct approach.

Using a personalized approach we are able to distinguish exactly what is required for the client and offer an integrated approach to treating our patients.

When facing any mental health issues, it’s important to realize that you don’t need to struggle alone. Mental health disorders can be managed and treated as long as you seek the right help.

 We can help you with the following conditions: 

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Trauma & PTSD

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Emotional Crisis

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Burn Out

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I met Dave from New Life Marbella on Jan 20 when I was looking for rehab support for my husband. Dave was very supportive from the beginning and he helped us put together a rehab plan on very short notice. Subsequently, he and his strong team worked closely with my husband to aid his recovery and we started seeing improvements in a very short time. I am very glad that I met Dave and I will highly recommend him and his team any time. Thank you Dave for your help and support over the last weeks. Thank you.


I was using heroin. I went to the accelerated detox center and used ibogaine to come off heroin. Then I was transported to Malaga and given my own home situated on top of a mountain overlooking the sea. My Recovery Manager was from Sweden. I had two Managers over the two month period of working with New Life Marbella. Functional medicine really helped me understand how food has a direct impact on my mood and my need to take drugs. Things did not end well for me in Spain, however, I will always be grateful to the team. 


I was looking for the right facility at the right price for some time. My parents paid for my treatment. I did not want to go into a traditional rehab, especially because I have issues around relationships and men, and rehab has not worked for me in the past. I wanted to go somewhere that was a little bit different. I need to address my addictions but also my issues with food. When I arrived at New Life I was not expecting the level of service I received actually. I must say Charlie is pretty amazing. These guys and I skydived.


Brilliant. What more can I say. I thought Rehab was going to the worst experience ever. But New Life Marbella is totally different. The therapy was awesome. I chose EMDR and Neurofeedback. It really helped me. Loved it. But the best thing was having so much fun. I had time on my own which I needed. I trained really hard as this helps my mental health, and we had a lot of adventures, not only in the mountains but also on the sea. I am not much of a swimmer but I love the water now, especially the cold therapy and the biohacking.

Shaun Simons

Shaun Simons

Recovery Manager

Shaun Simon received professional training from the Priory in London and has experience working in some of the world’s most exclusive rehabs including Paracelsus in Switzerland. She is also a qualified therapist with an interest in mindfulness practice. She will work closely with our guests to cultivate well-being. Mindfulness has been at the core of many wellbeing practices within many cultures for thousands of years. Shaun is based in the UK and relocates to work one on one with a single occupant in treatment at New Life Marbella. Shaun’s experience in this area means that she is under huge demand within the sector. There are very few female recovery managers.

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