“it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

– Confucius

Multi-bed rehabs are rehabilitation centers that offer cognitive therapy to a number of clients at the same time, resulting in a better and rapid healing process. A few of the best multi-bed rehabs located in Europe are as follows.

We have listed general characteristics for each facility. The red characteristics are provided by the service.

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solice Rehabs Solice, a multi-bed rehab located in Marbella, Malaga, Spain is for drug and alcohol addicts in recovery, Solice offers a sober environment. Solice believes that recovery from every illness and addiction is possible. People getting the treatment are accompanied by other patients and counselors who have shared similar experiences. Everyone at Solice adheres to the 12-step recovery programme, which is the cornerstone of everything Solice does, a plan for life.

Solice Rehab Characteristics

  Camino Rehabs The Andalusia region of Spain is home to Camino Recovery, which is located near Malaga. Guests stay at a contemporary Spanish estate at the base of the Sierra de Tejeda Mountains while undergoing rehabilitation. Clients looking for a break from the daily grind will find the rehab’s location to be ideal.  Camino Recovery is a small, personal rehab center that prioritizes its patients. The premium rehab only accepts 15 patients at a time, which allows its skilled medical staff to work one-on-one with patients. Clients may recover more quickly and smoothly thanks to the intimacy than they would in a larger setting.

Camino Rehab characteristics

Paradiso Rehabs One of the top rehab centers in Europe is Villa Paradiso Rehab, which is located in Southern Spain. The clinic has one of the best privacy regulations in the world, along with security and private quarters. Clients seeking the utmost confidentiality are welcome to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the clinic, which provides an additional layer of security and assurance. A client’s treatment path is guided from the first consultation on by some of the most committed and skilled professional treatment teams in the field. People with addictions to alcohol, drugs, food disorders, mental health issues, and addictive behaviors like gambling are treated at Villa Paradiso Rehab in Spain.

Villa Paradiso Rehab characteristics

ibizacalm logo complete Rehabs One of the most popular Mediterranean islands off the coast of Spain is Ibiza, which is also the location of Ibiza Calm, a specialized clinic for addiction treatment. It offers customized treatment plans to anyone in need of assistance and is the only licensed addiction recovery facility on the island of Ibiza. Ibiza Calm assists people in overcoming behavioral addictions, mental health concerns, and substance abuse challenges. Calm only accepts 10 patients at a time, unlike other high-end rehab facilities that frequently have a significant number of patients on-site. Because there are fewer clients, everyone can receive the attention they require to put an end to addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health issues.

Ibiza Calm Rehab characteristics

Hacienda Rehabs The first eco-rehab facility ever built was in Spain at Hacienda Paradiso. Guests at this eco-rehab facility get the greatest medical care available while residing in a facility that emphasizes organic gardening, ecological restoration, and water saving. In an environment that is entirely eco-friendly, Hacienda Paradiso, a treatment facility in Malaga, Spain, works with clients to break the cycle of addiction. The five-star treatment center offers a completely unique experience that is nothing like standard recovery as it is done in a hideaway away from daily life. Recovery from addiction and mental illness can be extremely difficult, but Hacienda Paradiso makes every effort to give visitors the most comfortable stay possible.

Haciendo Paradiso Rehab Characteristics

Inner Light Marbella Rehabs In the Spanish town of Marbella, Inner Light is a thriving, sober living, and addiction treatment facility created to be a shelter of healing and good mental health as it assists clients after addiction detox and rehabilitation. The staff helps clients transition into sobriety utilizing holistic and nature-based approaches, and they offer 24-hour care to those who need it. They put the well-being of each client first.

Inner Light Marbella Rehab Characteristics

the bridge Rehabs A rehabilitation facility called The Bridge Marbella is minutes away from Marbella, Spain, and the Mediterranean Sea. People who are battling drug and alcohol addictions, as well as co-occurring mental health conditions, are treated at The Bridge. Usually lasting between 28 and 120 days, treatment at The Bridge also includes aftercare. The Bridge emphasizes that even after a person achieves sobriety, the cycle of suffering and destruction continues. A variety of treatments are available at The Bridge Marbella to help customers on their road to recovery. There are CBT, group and individual sessions, family liaisons and support, yoga, pilates, trauma therapy, body image workshops, 12-step meetings, nutritional education, experiential therapies, and equine therapy among the services offered.

The Bridge Rehab characteristics

Tabula Rehabs The Tabula Rasa Retreat has quickly established itself as one of the top ibogaine clinics in Europe. Its customers are primarily from the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, the UAE, and the US. It is situated in the Alentejan region of Portugal. All procedures are examined by medical professionals, who then monitor them under ACLS training. Complementary therapies including breathwork, bodywork, massage, meditation, kundalini yoga, reiki, gong baths, drumming circles, horse-aided therapy, personal training, and nutrition guidance are done to supplement ibogaine treatments. Our in-house counselors’ individual and group therapy further support this. There are also ongoing online aftercare meetings available.

Tabula Rasa Retreat characteristics

Rehabs Phoenix Programs can be found in Andalusia, which is on the country’s Mediterranean coast. The rehab facility offers private therapy sessions to clients in the setting of a real Spanish home. Each guest’s needs are taken into account when designing a treatment plan. Phoenix Programme also offers daycare treatment, a sober treatment recovery alternative, and an online programme to assist with addiction to its customers. All of the rehabilitation center’s programme are intended to help patients get back on their feet and lead healthy lives without engaging in drug usage or having any mental health problems.

Phoenix Programs characteristics

step one recovery logo Rehabs A luxurious Mediterranean mansion serves as the home of Step One Recovery, a center for mental health and life-saving addiction treatment. Step One Recovery specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression as well as alcohol and drug addictions. In Javea, Spain, our Palacio de la Paz, and Villa Condotti are the ideal settings for complete and long-lasting body and spiritual healing. The rehab serves a global clientele, and the staff members know a variety of languages and are accustomed to many different cultures.

Step One Rehab characteristics


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