“The road to Recovery will not always be easy, but I will take it one day at a time, focusing on the moments I’ve dreamed about for so long.”

— Amanda Lindhout

How do leading CEO’s recovery from Burnout?

Getting and staying sober provides a special set of challenges for professional people—physicians, lawyers, corporate CEOs, accountants, and others—who drive themselves to achieve and succeed in high-pressure surroundings. 

This is why at New Life Marbella we offer various Executive Burnout Programmes.

New Life Marbella Fernando Salas

New Life Marbella Fernando Salas, Neurofeedback Technician.

Managing Your Recovery from Addiction applies business approaches and ideas to the process of planning, implementing, and carrying out programs that work for professionals in their first year of recovery. 

What is a Burnout Programme?

The New Life Marbella Executive Burnout Programme – Recharge.

Recharge guides impaired executives and professionals seeking recovery through inpatient care, setting strategies for managing conflict, dealing with changing emotions and moods, and developing a solid spiritual program.

New Life Marbella aligns all clients with the correct Recovery Manager or otherwise known as Executive Assistant. 

What is the job of a Recovery Manager or Executive Assistant?

Step 1. The team will analyse the needs of the client. Normally women work with women, and men work with men. 

When working with clients from foreign countries we aim to provide a team based around the native language.

Step 2. The RM or EA (depending on programme) is therefore responsible for the day to day running of the clinic. Responsible for driving the client to and from meetings and offers support during the contractual stay of the client.

Step 3. 

The RM or EA reports directly to the Programme Director. Any issue during the contractual period, RM or EA will deal with it ASAP.

Step 4.

The relationship has to be good between client and assistant. The client is always in control of the clinic. If needs must, change the assistant if the bond has not formed within the first 7-days.

To date, New Life Marbella has never had to change RM or EA during a contract.

What can be expected from the RM or EA during a New Life Marbella contract?

New Life Marbella Recovery Manager

New Life Marbella Recovery Manager, Deimantas Adomenas, speaks fluent English, Russian and Lithuanian.

Topics examined by New Life Marbella from Burnout and Addiction include:

  • a unique view of the 12 Steps for business personnel
  • the dynamics of managerial addiction
  • essential information to prevent relapse to active addiction
  • coping with relapse
  • tasks and fundamental recovery steps
  • setting and tracking recovery goals
  • recovery stages
  • up to 10 tasks to recovery
  • conflict management strategies
  • spiritual development
  • addictions treatment
  • bespoke programme per individual client
  • and much more!

The best aspect of a quality RM is priceless. The RM becomes the go-to person for the client. Generally speaking the client and the RM become close friends during this period. During Luxury Executive Recharge, the client is responsible for any extra costs associated with activities during the duration of the contract with Recharge, New Life Marbella. 

Does New Life Marbella provide a specific Burnout Programme for individual clients?

New Life Marbella, provides the services for the Recharge programme. Recharge is a programme designed specifically for Executives who are suffering from Burnout and overwork.

Within a very short period, the team at Recharge can reset an individual. We provide the highest quality of service to each client based on the initial assessment. 

All clients receive full blood analysis. Dry and Wet Blood samples are taken within week one. Initial analysis outlines, trauma, dehydration, parasites, leaky gut syndrome and many other aspects. The team will then provide a full blood analysis which will detail the potential food allergies and deficiencies. Meet the Team! Contact.


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