It takes 21 days to install a new habit. Make every week count with healthy routines for mind and body

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What is Substitution Therapy?

“substitution therapy supplies illicit drug userswith a replacement drug, a prescribed medicine such as methadone or buprenorphine, which is usually administered orally in a. supervised clinical setting.”

We have worked with Heroin addicts from Denmark, finding themselves clear of heroin they are now dependent on Methadone. New Life provides the transition from Methadone (long life) to Oxycontin (short life), then access to the Accelerated Detox Unit in Valencia.

What is Ibogaine treatment?

Valencia offers Ibogaine Treatment. Ibogaine is a derivative of the West African plant Iboga and provides a 100% reset to all clients. However, this treatment process is not for everybody. It is hardcore, to say the least.  But. The treatment is 100% effective. Post 10-day treatment the client will experience a bar again euphoria. All dependencies are gone. The challenge is maintaining this new level of awareness and physical recovery. 

Why New Life Marbella?

New Life Marbella has developed substation therapy into a broader conversation. Rather than simply exchanging one drug for another, we strongly suggest that a client needs to substitute one behavioural pattern for another.  As an example. When a client likes to consume cocaine, due to the feeling of living life on the edge, we substitute this activity with sky diving. Or wakeboarding, or scuba diving, or rock climbing, or trekking over the mountains. And so the list goes on. Post-psycho-social assessment, the team will understand what drives the client to destructive behaviours. Then we replace those destructive behaviours with positive attributes and team-building skills. 

How does Executive Burnout work?

Substitution Therapy works in the rehabilitation sector and is also incredibly effective in the Executive Burnout Market. We build bespoke treatment packages for worldwide executives who are exhausted and need to optimise their working and private lives.   We encourage the Executives to prepare their weekly schedule, making sure they allocate time to themselves, engage with nature. It is pivotal to understand the food they put in their bodies is a direct correlation to how executives perform in the board room.

How to find true happiness?

Every man and woman at some point needs to come back to their inner child and embrace who it is they used to be. We are all on a journey. And as children, we were probably at our happiest and freest. Maybe not for all but probably for most.  To embrace our children, we step back in time, we embrace creativity, fall back in love with life, dream of possibilities, and regain who it is we can truly be.

New Life Marbella Grilled Octopus

Zucchini lasagna with sautéed oyster mushrooms, aioli and grilled octopus

Who are the real leaders?

Substitution Therapy has been designed for leaders, leaders of men, and we can help you achieve your goals on the Executive Burnout Program. We understand that the connection between addiction and executive burnout is at some times a difficult bridge to cross. However, we ask that you keep an open mind. Our rehabilitation team and executive burnout team are very separate, however, we use some of the same therapies and techniques. The approach is very different from one camp to another.

New Life Marbella Substitution Therapy

New Life Marbella Substitution Therapy. Replace what is not good for you with things that make you feel alive.

Why is food so important?

Whoever we work with, we have the highest standards of accommodation and culinary support. We start each client contract with a series of blood tests. The team will analyse the results, and provide details of deficiencies. Dehydration, parasites, leaky gut syndrome, and diet and health issues, plus trauma indication.  once we have this information, the functional medicine consultation will provide suggested menus with allowed ingredients to the chefs, who will then produce an incredible array of food based on best practices. I promise you the results are incredible, New Life Marbella provides your private health farm by the sea, and you will have an incredible experience, this is guaranteed 100%. Please, contact us directly and speak with one of our team to learn more. 


New Life Marbella Substitution Therapy

New Life Marbella Substitution Therapy. Take time to learn to breathe, stretch, to feel your body.

New Life Marbella Music Therapy

New Life Marbella Music Therapy. Learn new skills to teach your children.

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