Why is the Wilderness Fantastic for Anyone Needing Time to Recover?

I have been working in this field for several years. My favorite part of the job is climbing up mountains, running through rivers, and meditating on the sea. I do not know precisely why this is the case, but I can tell you it is the truth.

Who goes into the Wilderness?

We encourage all our clients to head into the Wilderness. It is totally up to the client at the end of the day. The client designs their program, allowing 100% buy-in from the client, and I believe this is one reason New Life Marbella has such an incredible recovery rate.

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What can I expect from the Wilderness Programme?

Let me give you an example. I have been known to wake my crew at around six in the morning. No one wants to get out of bed. But. I insist. We pack up one of the company cars, and we head to La Concha.

The best time to go is during a full moon when the stars are out, and the sky is clear. We drive for roughly 30 mins, park, and start walking or running depending on fitness levels. The stars and the moon provide the light for the crew.

As we start our incline up the mountain, the sun begins to rise. The crew has forgotten about their resentment towards me for waking them so early. There is laughter in the air. Everyone can feel the energy of God as he starts to wake from his slumber. It is wonderful. Well, it is for me.

The climb gets more challenging as we start to ascend La Cruz de Juanar. We do take breaks if the crew needs a rest, water, and some energy cars. If not, I will run up the mountain with my dog Richo. The climb takes anything from 30 mins to 1hr 15 mins depending. I hear lots of noise. Things like, “Why oh why did I do this?” Ha!

Meet the Team!

Then, upon reaching the summit, the crew watches the sunrise in its most absolute beauty. There are times when on my own, I will sit on the corner and meditate for 30mins. I find God is best met alone. However, it is also good to share these moments with others.

After all these years, I have never worked with someone who did not make it to the top. And they are so happy when they do. On a clear day, it is possible to see to Gibraltar and Africa. There is peace. And I think peace is where I need to be in my life.

So the incline is on the front face of the mountain. The decline is on the back of the hill. We have descended in 15 mins before. However, I tend to take the crew down the backside and through the valley. Trees cover the valley. The scenery is lovely. The trails are fresh, and the team is surrounded by nature.

Why is working in nature so important?

I need to reconnect with nature. By doing so, I connect to God. My life is surrounded by cadets, phones, computers, wifi, and making money. There is a part of me. The fundamental role of me that I simply want to be with God. Nothing more.

We design all types of programs. So do not distress. Contact the team!

New Life Marbell has morning, day, and extended excursions depending on the needs of the client.

What happens if we get lost?

Follow Richo. He knows the way.

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