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New Life Marbella clients like our personal approach.

Initially New Life offers face to face consultations. The first consultation is held  at The Marbella Club, where we advise if we can help? If we cannot help we will advise who can help! If the patient in question needs a psychiatric assessment or a psychosocial assessment, we will know from the first consultation.

We charge a consultation fee and when a client arrives into service the consultation fee is refunded.

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Luxury Executive Recharge is a dedicated team of professionals in southern Spain providing services for individuals who suffer from EXECUTIVE BURNOUT, and subsequent mental health issues.

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What we treat

Luxury Executive Burnout Clinic & Rehab for Addiction in Marbella, Spain. Provides clinically-based programs, supporting a wide range of emotional, physical, and psychological issues covering burnout, addictions, and mental health problems.

New Life Marbella is not a multi-bed facility. We offer a single-occupant location. Providing 100% anonymity and the highest standards of treatment for each client.

The program provides treatment for anxiety, depression, burnout, eating disorders, trauma & PTSD. New Life Marbella Luxury Executive Burnout & Rehab delivers a biochemical care plan (Bio-R) to rebalance the brain and body.

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Mental Health

Anxiety, Burnout & Stress, Codependency, Depression, Emotional Crisis, OCD, Phobias, Trauma & PTSD

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Alcohol, Cocaine, Cannabis, Medication, Phone and Media, Sex, Love and Porn, Shopping, Gambling and Gaming.

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Executive Burnout

Tension, worry, sadness, hopelessness, feeling trapped, panicked, and even suicidal. Executive Burnout.

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Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Orthorexia Nervosa, Overeating, Process Addiction, and Emotion Disorder.


Our customer reviews speak for themselves

I met the team from New Life Marbella on Jan 20 when I was looking for rehab support for my husband. Dave was very supportive from the beginning and he helped us put together a rehab plan on very short notice. Subsequently, he and his strong team worked closely with my husband to aid his recovery and we started seeing improvements in a very short time. I am very glad that I met Dave and I will highly recommend him and his team any time. Thank you Dave for your help and support over the last weeks. Thank you.


I was using heroin. I went to the accelerated detox center and used ibogaine to come off heroin. Then I was transported to Malaga and given my own home situated on top of a mountain overlooking the sea. My Recovery Manager was from Sweden. I had two Managers over the two month period of working with New Life Marbella. Functional medicine really helped me understand how food has a direct impact on my mood and my need to take drugs. Thank you New Life Marbella. You made a clear impact. Changed my life.


I was looking for the right facility at the right price for some time. My parents paid for my treatment. I did not want to go into a traditional rehab, especially because I have issues around relationships and men, and rehab has not worked for me in the past. I wanted to go somewhere that was a little bit different. I need to address my addictions but also my issues with food. When I arrived at New Life I was not expecting the level of service I received actually. I must say Adam is pretty amazing. Thank you so much. 


Brilliant. What more can I say. I thought Rehab was going to the worst experience ever. But New Life Marbella is totally different. The therapy was awesome. I chose EMDR and Neurofeedback. It really helped me. Loved it. But the best thing was having so much fun. I had time on my own which I needed. I trained really hard as this helps my mental health, and we had a lot of adventures, not only in the mountains but also on the sea. Thanks guys, words do not explain my gratitude to you all. Lots of love from Birmingham.



Book a 60 min consultation either on the phone or face to face. During this consutltation New Life will determine the best course of action. At your earliest convenience, come and meet the team and start the rehabilitation process. 


You get more than just rehab

24 Hour Support

New Life Marbella is Spain’s first luxury bespoke single-occupant treatment facility. We provide a live-in Recovery Manager to match the skill set of the client and to provide 24-hour support on a weekly basis through the term of the contract. We work with the world’s leading Recovery Managers. Each Manager has a specific skill set and set of languages.

Biochemical Restoration

New Life Marbella designs a care plan to fit the client’s requirements and not the other way round. We do not believe one programme works for all clients. Our unique approach means we analyse both dry and wet blood results to understand the bio balance within the body. Via Functional Medicine, we design a menu and a programme that aligns perfectly with the needs of the client.

Substitution Therapy

New Life Marbella is the only treatment facility in Spain that provides access to substitution therapy. We use various techniques to achieve specific goals. We believe that treatment can also be fun. CBT and group therapy techniques are not part of the treatment process. Our treatment plans are designed to fit the profile of each individual client. This ensures the highest results in the language most comfortable for the client. 


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Dr. Jose Moyano

Dr. Jose Moyano


Dr. José Manuel Sánchez Moyano Lea, has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cádiz. He studied psychiatry in England for 6 years. In 1999, he started working for the Department of Psychiatry at the Andalusian Health Service, and at the same time started his private practice. He is also a Consultant for the Botafuegos Penitentiary Center, in Algeciras. Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry, he is a member of the team of experts of the Royal Medical College of Cádiz .

Esther Perez

Esther Perez

Lead Psychologist

Esther Perez, MA, LMFT (CA; LMFT; 48330) obtained an M.A in Counseling Psychology and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, CA. As a bilingual Senior Trainer for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Esther currently teaches across Europe. As a consummate learner-teacher, Esther has committed herself to deeply integrating a number of modalities supported in the emerging research on neuroscience and attachment. 

Dr. Beran Parry

Dr. Beran Parry

Natural Medicine doctor

Profound knowledge and recognised expertise are the solid operational foundations for Beran Parry Ph.D. Her professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Qualified Advanced Weight Loss Consultant and Certified EFT and Reiki Master Therapist. Beran also practices functional medicine nutrition having initially studied at the Functional Medicine University in South Carolina USA. Beran is a bestselling Amazon author of over 40 nutrition books.

David Carter

David Carter


David Patrick Carter was a singer-songwriter from the South of England. After playing live in the heart of London, Piccadilly, at The Astor and The Warwick, David spent time in Cape Town South Africa. Post South Africa David traveled to and settled in Spain to live with his children where he started a revolutionary rehabilitation service. David thinks outside the box. He does things differently from everyone else. Expect the unexpected. Always available for anyone in need.


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